Mangrove Planting

Mangrove Planting in Negros Oriental -Phase 14-

Mangrove Planting in Negros Oriental -Phase 14-

On July 25, 2015 participants from different branches of Kanepackage Group of Companies joint effort in planting mangroves in the coast line of Brgy. Polo, Tanjay, Negros Oriental. A total of 19 representatives were involved in mangrove planting. 3 from Kanepackage Philippine Inc., 3 from Super Flex Logistic Inc. (Philippines), 2 from Kanepackage Thailand Co., Ltd., 2 from Kanepackage Vietnam Co., Ltd., 1 from Kanepackage Hongkong Co., Ltd., 1 from Pt.Kanepackage Indonesia, 2 from Kanepackage Co., Ltd.(Japan), 3 from KPGroup Philippines Inc, and 2 guests from Japan.

Upon the arrival of participants from Manila to Sibulan National Airport they were welcomed by KPGreen Earth coordinators. They headed straight to the planting site in Brgy. Polo, Tanjay. A 40-minute ride from Sibulan Airport to the planting site. This is the second mangrove planting activity organized in Tanjay, Negros Oriental. Last March 2014, planting activity was done in Brgy. Manipis, Tanjay, Negros Oriental.

Local officials and DENR R7 were also present during the short program conducted before the planting has started. A total number of 300 seedlings of Avicennia marina were planted by the participants during the said planting activity. Likewise, the community of Brgy. Polo also took part in planting mangroves to obtain participation in taking care of planted mangroves.

The importance of this mangrove planting activity is to restore the balance in nature as well as to create awareness among the local people of the benefits that the mangroves have to offer.

After planting, participants and guests also delighted the view and went zip lining in Tierra Alta Residential Resort in Dumaguete. They got the chance to visit and enjoy swimming in the popular white sand beach of Manjuyod closely associated to Bais City.

The organizers of KPGroup Philippines Inc. highly appreciate the participants’ cooperation for another fruitful mangrove planting. With everyone’s continuous support we can be successful in reestablishing healthy mangrove ecosystems.

= Itinerary =

July 24(Fri): Arrival in the Philippines from over sea
July 25(Sat): Airplane transfer to the Negros Oriental and plant mangrove, Zip line activity
July 26(Sun): Swimming, back to Manila
July 27(Mon): Back to their country

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