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Mangrove planting activity for Saitama-Cebu HR Monozukuri project

Mangrove planting activity

Talima, Olango Island- With enthusiasm and excitement reflected on the faces of each students, everybody were eager for the mangrove planting activity held last November 9, 2017 at one of the popular islands of Cebu, the Olango Island. A 6-km distance away from Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. The scorching heat of the sun didn’t stop the college students from three (3) of the well-known universities in Cebu to participate this event. They are University of San Jose Recoletos-Cebu, University of San Carlos, and Cebu Technological University. A total of 147 participants joined and celebrated the mangrove planting activity as part of the Saitama-Cebu HR Development Project. The event was spearheaded by the KPGroup Philippines employees. Professors, faculty and visitor from Cebu Provincial Capital were also present during the event. CEO, President Yoshikazu Kanesaka gave an inspirational message to the students and faculty during the program. From Saitama Government, Ms. Naoko Inaba, the Executive Director of the International Division, Dept. of Public Service; Mr. Wakamatsu, the Associate Director; and Ms. Kaneda, all from the International Division, participated the mangrove planting event. Mr. Abner Barnuevo, a Ph.D candidate from Saitama University and working as a Project Coordinator presented a short lecture about brief background of mangroves.

Random students gave positive feedback after the event. Student A said she was more informed about the importance of mangroves, especially that mangroves act as natural barriers from coastline and that it gives protection from natural calamities like typhoon and storm surges. Student B learned that mangroves play a vital role in the life stages of marine-associated animals. Also student C commented that mangroves offer multi-services not just to animals but also to humans. But with laws being imposed on the prohibition of cutting mangrove trees, they will be more protected and be taken care of. A total of 3,110 propagules were planted on that day. The one-day event aimed to encourage the planting of more mangroves for future generations.

■Mangrove planting activity