Christmas charity event

Christmas charity event in the hospital

Christmas charity event for children admitted in the Philippine Children Medical Center

On December 11, 2015, KPGroup Philippines, Inc. and the local subsidiaries Kanepackage Philippines and Superflex held a joint Christmas charity event in the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in the Quezon City. For this event, we prepared 150 of Christmas gift bags for the children battling with illness. These children admitted in wards are those who cannot participate in the party theme activity arranged by other sponsors. So the team opted to come to each of them to share good vibes.The gift bag consisted of basic needs of patients such as the bath towel, stuffed toy, pillow, alcohol, cotton etc. Cash Donations were also provided for the family, from the generosity of the Kanepackage management. Appearance of mascots such as Mickey Mouse and Barney brigthened up the day of the children that are visible on the delight showed on their faces upon seeing them. During these battle, the family is equally suffering of the pain and misery. Some wept out of desparation while others were moved by the deeds of the group. When we arrived and played with them, we saw their brilliant smile! But at the same time, we have seen the children’s tears due to the symptoms and treatment.

Happiness is an expensive gift, valuable yet no amount enough to have it. Seeing these kids smile is priceless, even for a while. The value of the activity were instilled in the mind of the volunteers, that sharing is a gift. In their small ways, they have shared the love with these children and their families.

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