Eco-cap Campaign

Eco-cap Campaign

Environment improvement through eco-cap campaign

August 2012

Eco-cap Campaign We have been preceding various kinds of environment improvement activities so far.
We are participating in "Eco-cap Campaign", which is initiated by NPO Eco-cap Movement. It is not only promoting environmental conservation and recycling, but also giving vaccines to the children, future leaders of the world.

5 years have passed since we have participated in July 2007.
Cap collection box With the slogan of “Let’s give vaccines to children in the world by collecting the caps of plastic bottles!", all employees have been collecting the plastic bottle caps.
We will continue supporting "Eco-Cap Campaign".

■Accumulated number of eco caps collected

Official Receipt of Eco-cap

As of July 2012
Accumulated number of caps : 37,788
Number of vaccines donated : 47,2
CO2 reduction : 298㎏

298kg of CO2 will be generated in case we incinerate the accumulated number of caps as waste.

■NPO Eco-cap Movement

NPO Eco-cap Movement