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KP Mangrove Planting-Phase 19.

KP mangrove planting.Badian Cebu

Nov 10. 2018

Barangay Bugas, Badian, 10 Nov 2018. With the pressing issue on climate change in a dynamic environment, ecosystem rehabilitation is one of the important key solutions to sustainable resource management. The Kanepackage Group of Companies together with its customers headed to Sitio Dapdap, Barangay Bugas in Badian (Southwest Cebu) to conduct a mangrove planting activity. The DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), local government unit of Badian (LGU-Badian), peoples' organization of BUFFALOO (Bugas Fisherfolk and Land Owners' Organization), and local people of Sitio Dapdap also participated the event last November 10, 2018. A total of thirty (30) KP affiliates participated during the said environmental event. Three (3) from KP Japan, three (3) from KP Vietnam, two (2) KP Indonesia, two (2) from KP Thailand, six (6) from KPPI (Laguna), two (2) from SuperFlex (SFLI). Also included, two (2) customers from KPJP, Five (5) from KPC- KGS, where two (2) Japanese and three (3) Cebuanos. four (4) KPGroup Phils., staff and one (1) from KPP-Cebu were also present. Barangay Councilor and Chairman of Environmental Protection & Management, Mr. Jason Delfin gave an opening remarks citing the significance of mangroves to the coastal community of Barangay Bugas in Badian. "That mangroves enhances fish production, provide food and shelter for fishes, crustaceans, and shellfishes at a certain part of their life cycle, he added." Thus, as part of the mangrove rehabilitation project of the Kanepackage Group, site-based approaches involving strong community participation and coordinated network of multiple organization could support management of coastal resources that address a spectrum of threats within mangrove forests community. To increase the chance of survival of newly planted mangroves, Mr. Abner Barnuevo pointed out some mangrove planting techniques. For mangroves to be resilient, effective planting method is an important factor to help mangroves survive especially with the adverse effect of climate change.

Guests and participants also took time to enjoy watching and swimming with whale shark in Oslob (South Cebu), for them the 2-hour long travel was worth it. Before encountering with the whale sharks, guests were oriented at whale shark briefing station.

As part of the sightseeing tour, guests visited the famous Kawasan Falls. They seized the opportunity to swim and relax in Kawasan. Definitely, they would come back and visit the Kawasan together with their family and friends. On way back to Mactan, guests have their dinner at Lantaw in SRP (South Road Properties). The restaurant served authentic Filipino dishes. Most of the guests tasted Filipino food for the first time, some of their favorites were halo-halo, pork sisig, squid sisig, sweet and sour lapu-lapu (fish).

Short orientation program was conducted before proceeding to mangrove planting. Mr. Jason Delfin gave the opening remarks (right photo).

Mr. Abner Barnuevo explained the appropriate method of mangrove planting (left photo). Newly planted mangrove seedlings prepared by the local people (right photo).

During mangrove planting activity, guests were assisted by local people. Group photo after the planting (right photo).

Guests enjoyed watching and swimming in Oslob with whale shark (left). The sought after Kawasan falls (right photo).

Dinner at Lantaw Restaurant before going back to Mactan.