Mangrove Planting Tour

11th Mangrove Planting Tour

11th Mangrove Planting Tour

March, 2013

From Friday, March 22 ~ Monday, March 25, 2013, we had conducted the 11th mangrove planting tour.
From Japan, there were total of 13 people, which include 10 participants from 5 companies and 3 from our company.

This time, JTB Kanto Kawagoe Branch cooperated with us in planning of the tour.
During the tour, they arrived at Manila in the Philippines by air and visited our group company, Kanepackage Philippine Inc., then traveled to Bohol Island the next day for sightseeing.

On the 3rd day, they planted mangroves.
We believe that the participants had wonderful experienced in joining the activity of carbon dioxide reduction by planting mangroves, which is a part of our environmental activity in the Philippines, where there are rich natural environments, and felt the Blue Planet that we should always protect.

We will plan the similar tour again so we are looking forward for your participation next time.

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