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KP Mangrove Planting-Phase 20.

KP mangrove planting.Poblacion, Badian

Feb 10, 2019

Barangay Poblacion, Pantalan, Badian. The expansion of mangrove rehabilitation areas for coastal and marine biodiversity is important to preserve marine resources. In advancing the sustainable use and conservation of coastal marine resources, mangrove replanting is one of the effective strategies and management to combat the adverse effect of climate change, coastal eutrophication and overfishing through anthropogenic activities. The Kanepackage Group of Companies affiliates planted mangroves at Pantalan, Barangay Poblacion, Badian (Southwest Cebu) together with the local people's organization group Dungguan Fisherfolk Association last February 10, 2019. A total of fourteen (14) enthusiastic KP affiliates were present. KPJP-2, KPPI-Laguna-6, SFLI-2, KPPI-Cebu-1 and KPG-3. The team planted a total of 2,000 Rhizophora sp. Mangroves play an important role in terms of coastal protection, nursery grounds and food sources for fishes, crustaceans and shellfishes. To effectively increase the survival of mangroves, proper planting technique was also followed by the team as they planted mangrove seedlings measured about 70-100 centimeters (cm) in height.

A day before the planting activity the team experienced swimming in turtle sanctuary. Although the weather was gloomy, participants spotted some turtles. They also had the chance to witness the sardine run nearby the Panagsama beach. Part two of the sightseeing, participants visited the majestic Kawasan falls to swim and relax a bit after the tiring but worthwhile experience of planting mangroves. This batch of participants thought that caring for mother Earth is everyone's responsibility for the benefit of our future generation.

Group photo of KP affiliates with local people group.

Participants are ready to plant mangroves with excitement.

The team during the mangrove planting. As standard method, mangroves planted 1 meter apart (left photo). Photo taken during the program after the planting (right).

Group photos during sightseeing. At Kawasan falls (left) and swimming at Panagsama beach during sardine run and turtle sanctuary (right)

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