Donating Emergency Shelter

We donated our Emergency Shelters to the city of Irum

We donated our Emergency Shelters to the city of Iruma.

On February 15, 2008, we donated our Emergency Shelters to Iruma City in Saitama Prefecture.

The Emergency Shelters can be assembled in short time and also easy to disassemble.
We donated 3 types of shelters(Capacity:8 persons, 4 persons, and 1 person), along with Paper Toilet, Portable Bed, and Paper Cabinet.(More than ¥690,000 in volume)

Donated model numbers are as followed; Cube Shelter 8.0, Cube Shelter 4.1, Cube Shelter 1.0, Paper Toilet 1.0, Potable Bed 1.0, Paper Cabinet 1.0, 2unit/each

"It is best to have the society where we don't need to use these emergency items, but we will make sure to fully utilize in case of needs." We have received an appreciation massage from Mr. Kinoshita, the mayor of Iruma City.

Message from our President

Explaining on how to use the Emergency Shelters using model.

Iruma City Presented the list of our donation to Mayor Kinoshita.