Installment of AED Machine

We installed AED Machine in our office.

Installment of AED Machine in our office

We can save the precious human lives, if we have the medical machine called "AED" or Automated External Defibrillator, which can be easily operated by anybody. We decided to install this AED, because we really care for the human lives.
Also, in order for us to handle the emergency lifesaving activities, we required all our employees to take the Lifesaving First Aid class.

Information for installment of AED Machine
Place of Installment 2nd Floor Main Building, Office Entrance
Address 1095-15 Minamimine, Iruma-shi, Saitama-ken
Tel 04-2936-3031
Operation Day ○From Monday to Friday
○The Machine cannot be used on Saturday, Sunday, Holiday, New Years, and Summer Vacation(During Obon period).
Operation Time 8:30 to 17:30
Pad Type For Adult use

Link for AED

Saitama Prefecture's original AED Locator Information System
With Saitama Prefecture's original AED Location Information System, from cell phones or Personal Computers, you'll be able to locate the places with AED Machines.
"Machi no jyouhou kan"
If one of your family member suffered from Cardiac Arrest or accidentally suffered from Cardiopulmonary Arrest, you can immediately search for the nearest AED Machines.