Mangrove Planting

Mangrove Planting as Global Environment Improvemen

Kanepackage  Global Environment Improvement Activity

Purpose of Global Environment Improvement Activity

Through our Packaging Business, we will continuously participate in the Global Environmental Improvement activity not only in the reduction of Environmental load(ex:CO2), but creating the Ecosystem of taking in CO2 and produce oxygen as well.

Reproduction of the Mangrove Forest At Kanepackage, We are continuously conducting the volunteer activity of Mangrove Planting, participated by 5 of our Overseas Branches : Philippines, Thailand,Vietnam and China
We donate part of our profit and give back to our society the activities such as protection of the Mangrove forest and prevention of Global Warming.

We conduct planting twice a year, and within 5 years, we target to plant "2.5million" Mangrove seedlings.

Mangrove Seedling

Three Grown Mangroves can produce enough oxygen for one person.

Planting 250,000 to 500,000 Mangrove Seedlings Annually

With the support of the Philippine Environmental Agency, our local employees from Philippine Branch planted the Mangrove Seedlings in the Migratory Birds Sanctuary in Olango Island.
Last February, from Japan, China and Thailand, together with the employees of our group companies participated in the planting activity.

Preproduction of 25 to 50 Hectare of Mangrove Forest Annually

Mangrove Forest, the cradle of the submarine life, can absorb CO2 and produce Oxygen. Also, purifying water quality and protect the submarine life system.
This activity of protecting our Earth will be a great gift for our next generations.