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The Dream Package cleans our Environment

The Dream Package that cleans our Environment

With our “DREAM” Package, we are promoting to protect our Global Environment.

3 reasons why you can easily achieve “Carbon Off-set” by using our Dream Package.

  • An ultimate Cushion Designing can achieve minimize material usage.
  • Every purchase of our Package Component, we plant One(1) Mangrove seedling.
  • We provide the service to show our customer how much CO2 has been saved by purchasing our products.

The 2nd Annual “TAMA Kankyou Monozukuri” Grand Prize

For "+02 = Mangrove Planting" activity

+O2 MarkPlease support us to let our "+O2 Mark" to be recognized in the World, as well as Japan.

With the phrase "Dream Package that can clean the Air", please consider to indicate on your Package the "+O2 Mark", as a proof of participation in the "+O2 Mangrove Planting" activity.
You can also indicate this "+O2 Mark" on the Expanded Cushion Materials.

For all participants donating more than 10,000 Mangrove seedlings annually will be awarded by the Government of the Philippines and Kanepackage Group. We will also present the photo pictures taken at the planting site with our staff holding the Company Name.
We will help your Company to express the message about your Environmental Support Activity.

Mongrove Mangrove Planting the photo pictures
+O2 Mangrove afforestation certificate

Why "+O2 = Mangrove Planting"?

Every year, the average amount of CO2 discharged from one average household is about 3.6tons.If we try to off-set this amount of CO2 domestically, we need about 1,500m2 of Planting or 400 trees.The cost of 1 seedling for planting is few hundred yen, thus, total cost will be tens of thousands yen!!

However, if you plant "Mangrove" in the Philippines....
The same amount of CO2 canbe absorbed with 600m2 of Planting or 150 trees.The cost of 1 seedling of Mangrove is around 100yen. In other words, we can achieve with approximately 15,000yen. More over, Mangrove can activate the colonies of sea lives which purify the Earth, and can create more nature to our Environment.

CO2 created in Japan, absorbing in the Philippines...
As a member of our Planet, we established an organization, under the concept of giving the "Gift for Green Earth", with Worldwide Environmental Project.

For Off-set activity in Oversea Mangrove Planting
Letter of appreciation from the Government of Republic of the Philippines

Cost Down and Carbon Off-set?!

++O2 Mark By requesting your Packaging components design to Kanepackage.You can achieve not only the "Cost Down" by reducing the Logistic Cost from the Packaging, but also the "Carbon Off-set" by choosing the Packages with "+O2 Mark".
Also, for example, by reducing the expenses, such as, Telecommunication expenses(mainly, cell phone fees), Copier/Tonner, Utility, Drinking Water, Making Business Cards or updating Company Web Page, Rental Fee for Office space, Insurance, etc...
In other words, our proposal is, to reduce the Administrative Cost, "Why don't you produce the money for Carbon Off-set"?

Please feel free to contact us for "Cost Down" and/or "Carbon Off-set".

For our "Cost Down" consulting service, we will provide you an alternative plans which is proven from our experiences in both contents and qualities.For some services, with our Partner Consulting Company, we will provide your company the precise "Custom-made" support to achieve the cost reductions.
Of course, it is also possible to offer you only the "Carbon Off-Set"(Mangrove Planting) project.
Feel free to contact us.

A Gift for Green Earth