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Packaging Business

Provide Big “Surprise”, Good “Impression”, and Great “Comfort”.

Since the establishment of our company, we consider our ultimate mission is to develop the best Packaging that can minimize the possible damages or shocks occur during the shipment.
By using our Technology, we propose New Packaging materials that can also meet with today’s Ecological aspects,with optimal function and the lowest cost possible.
We will give the Total Support to our customer, including the Logistic (delivery) services.

Our Packaging Technology can provide Big “Surprise”, Good “Impression”, and Great “Comfort” to your needs.

Proposal – with our Packaging Technology

Using our “core” Technology and "cushion design”, we proposed to our customers not only the safest packaging materials upon delivery, but also consider the “down-sizing”, “minimizing the resource usages”, “maximizing the loading efficiencies”, and “reduction of delivery cost”.

  1. Eco-conscious Design Proposal
  2. Logistic-conscious Design Proposal
  3. Cost-conscious Design Proposal

Answer to customer needs with our Global Networking System

Global Networking SystemWe are capable of providing the same level of designing and testing evaluation at all of our oversea branches – China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. In the packaging industry, it is very essential to conduct the design/quality evaluation. Each branch, we have the state-of-art X-ray Machine to conduct “XRF Testing” for all in-coming materials, to ensure that all our supplied materials meet the requirements of RoHS and REACH regulations.

Improving out Packaging Technology to provide “Dream Packaging” for our customers

By improving our Packaging Technology, we pack not only customer’s product, but also we consider providing a packaging that can pack our customer’s “heart” and “clean” our environment at the same time.

The Dream Package that cleans our Environment