Business Contents

Work Flow

Using useful Packaging Technologies to achieve Time and Material Cost reductions.

We can achieve both the Low-cost and Just-in-time delivery by implementing the "Start-to-Finish Production System" for each order from our customers.
Including the development and making of Packaging samples, we will provide the total support from supplying materials, production, and delivery.
We will also provide the “Original” packaging designs that matches to the customer’s needs within the "Short Lead-time", even under the difficult requirement conditions.
More over, we have established "LAN Network System" among our domestic and over sea branches, thus, we are capable of gathering informations among ourselves to give the ultimate service to our customers.

1.Receiving Orders from Customer

If there are 100 different products, there will be 100 different Packages. Almost all of our Orders will be developed from the very beginning.
Therefore, we will listen very carefully to our customer’s needs. We will first listen to the customer’s needs, (such as, Package Specifications,
Packaging Capacity, Delivery Style, Loading Style, Price, Delivery Date, and Delivery Destination) combines with our Know-hows, then implement into
our designing. Almost, everyday we are spending our time in developing New Packaging Components. Our Sales Representative will listen carefully to all of your needs.

2.Designing / Sample Making

Based on the customer’s needs, we will design our Packaging, using our Past Experiences, Know-how, and New Ideas.
Our first design starts in the CAD System. Then, upon finishing the design process, we can quickly make our samples, using CAM Machine.
This made possible for us to shorten our Development phase.

Design / Sample Making for Vacuum Tray, Pulp-molded Products

We can produce samples for Packaging components, such as Vacuum Tray and Pulp-molded, by using “Design Monocoque” fabrication.
Thus, you can save your cost and time to get your samples.

We will design based on the Product Specification Drawing.

“Design Monocoque” - fabricated by using the Cutting Machine.

Making sample of Vacuum Tray

3.Testing / Approval

We will check the reliability of our product strength by “Drop-Testing” machine. During the several trials, we materialize our ideas and images into the actual packaging components. Before we present our final products, we always go back to the basic by checking if our proposals are answering to our customer’s needs.


We are implementing the “Outside Process” for our productions. Depending on the ordered quantities, we will accommodate whatever needed by our customers. For those special processings, which is sometimes necessary in the Package makings, we will out-source to the specialized processing manufacturer.

●Expanded Polypropylene Processing

According to our customer needs, we will die-cut, apply adhesion, and assemble Expanded Polypropylene.

5.Warehousing / Delivery Service

To meet our customer’s Delivery Date (Just-in-time), we have complete system in our warehousing.
According to the guidelines of ISO9001, we provide the highest quality products only to achieve the customer satisfaction.


We will take extra care to handle products provided by our customers regardless of their sizes, we will carefully pack the products.
From the ordinary packing, we will accommodate even for the Wood Flame Packaging for exporting purposes. One by one, we will check the packaging by human eyes, making sure to give the highest quality packaging services.

●Stretch Film Machine

To protect the products, we put stretch films to wrap the items and Sheet Palletized Packing Process for oversea exporting.


Our main logistics team will deliver mainly within “Kanto” area. For “Touhoku” or North-East area,it is handled by Touhoku Branch (Aomori), and other areas are handled by our own network system with support of our subcontractors.
※Our entire Ordering systems were monitored by our own system (Oracle), thus, we can guarantee the speedy delivery to our customers.