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Introducing the Package Products that can “CLEAN” the air

We are continuously developing the Packaging Products that can clean our Environment.

Expanded Molded Cushions

ギャラリーへ -> They are suitable in used as “cushion” materials and are easy to fabricate. Some of the characteristics of these materials include,great heat resistance, thermal insulation, and damp proofing. With these characteristics, they are sometimes used as insulation materials in constructions.

Paper Container - Offset Print Box

ギャラリーへ -> We can support our customers from the designing of Packaging box to creating the Printing Layout, which can promote more Sales Promotion Effects.

Corrugated Cardboard Cushion Components

ギャラリーへ -> We have been developing the Corrugated Cardboard Cushions that are very easy to dispose or to recycle since the establishment of our company. Our customers are giving us high remarks on our experiences in developing various packaging products with different structures.

Vacuum Tray - Plastic Thermoforming

ギャラリーへ -> Our Vacuum Tray can meet the various packaging requirements, from Precision Instrumental Parts to Retail Store Packagings.

Reusable Packaging Materials

ギャラリーへ -> We can propose the Packaging Materials by Environment-friendly distribution point of view and still at low cost.We will give the most suitable Packaging solution to your customers.