About us - History


1976 Mar. Established Kanepackage in Kurosu, Iruma-shi, Saitama-ken.
Started business of selling Foamed Polypropylene (Eperan) developed by Kanegafuchi Chemical Industry.
Designed Package Component for Toshiba Hino Factory's Radio Apparatus, supplied from outside manufacture.
Sept. Established Kanepackage Co., Ltd. with Capital of 1 million yen.
1978 Nov. Constructed Main Office and Factory building in Nihongi, Iruma-shi, Saitama-ken.
1982 Aug. Increased Capital to 8 million yen.
1986 Nov. 10th Anniversary
Finished construction of Main office to the present location, and submitted the registration of transfer.
1987 Jan. Finished construction of assembly factory in Ozaku, Hamura-cho, Nishi Tama-gun, Tokyo.
1988 Dec. Established T.K. Commerce Co., as business diversification.
Started producing and marketing "Kit-packing" for Exporting purposes and Toshiba product.
1990 Mar. Due to the expansion of T.K. Commerce Co., established Ome Factory in Fujibashi, Ome-shi, Tokyo.
Sept. Established Fujibashi Distribution Center in Ome-shi, Tokyo.
1991 Mar. To improve our Work rationalization, set up Toshiba LAN system, together with V7040 system.
Jun. To improve our Design rationalization and to achieve shorter development time, established Package Design System.
Jul. To improve our Logistics, established the 2nd Logistic Center in Mitsugidai, Iruma-shi.
1992 May Increased Capital to 32 million yen.
1995 May Established North-East Sales Branch
1996 Aug. Established Kanepackage Philippine Inc. in Cavite, Philippines with Capital of Php 60 million.
1997 May Acquired the Distribution Center in Minamimine, Iruma-shi, Saitama-ken.
1998 Feb. Acquired ISO 9001
Jul. Established 2nd Factory of Kanepackage Philippine Inc. in Laguna, Philippines.
Aug. Established the 2nd Densan System and installed Toshiba GS700.
2000 Jun. Established new building of Kanepackage Philippine Inc. in Laguna, Philippines.
Oct. Increased Capital to 37 million yen.
2001 Apr. Acquired ISO 14001
2002 Feb. Established Kanepackage (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, China with Capital of US$ 840,000.
2003 Jan. Established Kanepackage (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, China with Capital of US$ 200,000.
Oct. Appointed as "Saino Kuni Factory" in Saitama-ken.
2004 Mar. The 1st publication of Debenture Bonds.
May Established Super Flex Logistic Inc. in Philippines.
Jun. Acquired ISO 9001 at Kanepackage (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
Oct. Established Kanepackage Vietnam Co., Ltd. with Capital of US$ 700,000.
2005 Jun. Finished construction of Kanepackage Vietnam Factory.
2006 Feb. Finished construction of Kanepackage Thailand Factory.
2010 Sept. Established Sales Office Branch of Kanepackage Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.
2011 Jul. Established KPGroup Philippines Inc. in Philippines.
Oct. Increased Capital to 50 million yen.
Dec. Established PT.Kanepackage Indonesia.
2017 Jan. Established Kanepackage Mexico, S.A. de C.V.