About us - A Message from our President

Message from our President

President, Yoshikazu Kanesaka

Providing Dream Package That Cleans Air

Thank you very much for visiting our Company Web Page.

We the Kanepackage Team, under the motto "Giving our customers the "Surprise", "Good Impression", and "Comfort", together with our "Package" Technology, provides not only the Package that holds the "Product", but also provides the Package that holds customers "Heart" and offers the "Dream Package" that cleans our Environment to many people in many countries.

In our Package Business, 1) Environmental Design Proposal, 2) Logistical Design Proposal, 3) Cost-performance Design Proposal, Thus, utilizing our "Ultimate Cushion Design Technology", not only packing and transferring the products safely, but also offers the Package Products that can achieve the down-sizing, reducing the material usage, improving the Total Packing Distribution cost. Especially, for the Environmental Load Reduction, we are pursuing to reduce CO2 by both our Daily Operation and Product Design Development.

Currently, we are operating in Japan, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Each branch, we are equipped with both Design and Evaluation System, thus, we are capable of answering to the customer needs locally.
More over, in our Environmental Business, we are positively proposing to reduce our utility usages from our office and factory facility.

Since last year in our CSR activity, we have started the Mangrove Planting Activity in coordination and with the support of Philippine Government through the Department of Environment and Natural resources (DENR). By implementing our 1 million per year Mangrove Planting activities, we are not only reducing CO2, but also we are trying to achieve Purification of Water, Protection of Shoreline, Protection of Migratory birds, and Protection of Marine Biodiversity, as well. Through this project, the amount of CO2 discharged from our company in Japan can be totally "Off-Set".

We will continue to provide our customers the best products, not limited to the environment-friendly products but the "Dream Package" that can clean and save our Environment.

Hope to receive your continuous advice and support for our business.

President, Yoshikazu Kanesaka