Reduction of Environmental Impact

Reduction of Environmental Impact

To achieve the Reduction of Environmental Impact, we have continued to pursue 3R(Recycle, Reuse, Reduce), as well as "Management of Toxic Substances" and "Reduction of CO2 Discharge".

Management of Toxic Substances
Prior to other competitors, we have implemented the usage of "X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer" to detect the Toxic Substances (RoHS Order - Six substances), and can be done within less than 10 minutes.
Reduction of CO2 Discharge
We are trying to reduce our CO2 discharge by implementing to change materials, shortening the distribution route, reviewing our daily work routine.
We are currently developing the system to inform our customer how much CO2 they can reduce by implementing our VA proposals.

Installed X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer Machine (Shimadzu EDX-720) November, 2007.

The X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer Machine can detect the type of substances and its amount by irradiating the X-rays to the specimens and analyzing its X-ray energy.
This machine can conduct the Elemental Analysis such as solid form, powder form, liquid form, and Disk Wafer. By fully utilizing this machine, we guarantee that we deliver only the product that meets RoHS requirements, which gives great comfort to our customers.
Also, we are offering the "Analysis Service" with low price, so please feel free to contact us.

Fluorescence X-rays Analyzer Machine (Shimadzu EDX-720)

Environmental Information (RoHS Order)

RoHS Order was established to ban any products with 6 substances coming into Europe (EU).
The purpose is to stop from Soil Pollution and Environmental Pollution by those products with Toxic Substances when they are disposed.
Please understand RoHS and let's protect our Environment.

RoHS Order - Specific Toxic Substances

Required by RoHS
  1. Large Home Electric Appliance
    (Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven, Air-conditioner, etc.)
  2. Small Home Electric Appliance
    (Vacuum Cleaner, Iron, Hair Dryer, etc.)
  3. IT and Communication Device
    (Personal Computer, Printer, Copier, Telephone, etc.)
  4. Consumer Appliance
    (Ex: Radio, TV, Hifi Device, Musical Instrument, etc.)
  5. Lighting Equipment
    (Ex: Fluorescent Lamp, except Low-energy Electric Bulb and normal Electric Bulb)
  6. Electric Equipment
    (Ex: Electric Drill, Lathe, Milling Machine, Lawnmower, etc.)
  7. Toy / Leisure Equipment
    (Ex: Video Game Machine, Slot Machine, etc.)
  8. Medical Instrument
    (Ex: Dialysis Device, Radiotherapy Instrument, Electrocardiogram Measuring Instrument, etc.)
  9. Security / Control Unit
    (Ex: Fire Detector, Thermostat, etc.)
  10. Vending Machine

Reduction of CO2 Discharge

To achieve the reduction of CO2 discharge, we are reviewing our whole working structures, such as the implementation of usage of Earth-friendly materials and distribution route.
More over, we are currently developing the system to inform our customer how much CO2 they can reduce by implementing our VA proposals.

Activity for Reduction of Environmental Impact