Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We the Kanepackage Co., Ltd, sets our Environmental Policy under our "Kanepackage Management System".

We the Kanepackage Co., Ltd. sets the Environmental Supply Chain as one of the most important aspects of our management, together with promoting the "Green Procurement" and utilizing the Natural resources and energy.
We are strictly observing any Environmental related laws and regulations, the requirements of our customers, preventing the mixture of Toxic Substances, avoid any Environmental Pollution, and trying to protect our "Healthy Global Environment".

  1. Develop the New Environment-friendly Products
  2. Promote VA Proposal of using Environment-friendly Materials
  3. Promote Green Procurement
  4. Reduce energy usage during the operation
  5. Reduce the Ordinary/Industrial wastes during the operation
  6. Strictly observe laws and regulations, and customer requirements

We announce our Environmental Policy to the public.
We inform our Environmental Policy to all of our employees, as well as our affiliate companies.

September 26, 2007
Kanepackage Co., Ltd.