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Activities for Quality and Technology

Technical Example

The Technology that continues to evolve. We have finally achieved our Packaging Technologies after countless trials and errors!

Our pride is our "People and Software" with unlimited capabilities.
We assure you, we can pack anything!! We will change optimistically to any orders.

Determine the Distance Between Cushions.

We would like to introduce some of our "Success Stories" on how we drastically reduce the Distribution/Logistic Cost by choosing the right materials and reducing the size of Cushion and Outer Box Volume.

Drop Test Data (G)
BaseTopLeft SideRight SideFrontRear
*These data were from our own Testing Equipment.
ProductLap TopInner Dimension of Box401x355x170
Product Size342x303x52Distance to the Cushion(mm)
Weight Mass3.5kg
Drop Height100cm
Transport ConditionDomestic/Overseas*There are space at Rear for Accessory Storage

We Propose Environment-Friendly Cushion!

Here, we would like to introduce you one of the samples we have developed using the Environmental-Friendly Material-"Earth Republic" and Corrugated Board, replacing the plain All-Corrugated Cushion.

This Cushion is composed of Corrugated Board with "Earth Republic" which were cut into squared shape.
It's very easy to assemble and still provide the same cushion characteristics as only using corrugated boards, and can be disposed as Combustible waste.

Drop Test Data (G)
Left Rear CornerLeft Rear Vertical EdgeLeft Base EdgeRear Base EdgeLeft SideRear
BaseRight SideFrontTopRight Front Vertical Edge
*These data were from our own Testing Equipment.
ProductDVD PlayerInner Dimension of Box513x438x228
Product Size430x350x110Distance to the Cushion(mm)
Weight Mass6.35kg
Drop Height70cm
Transport ConditionDomestic/Export*There are space at Rear for Accessory Storage

Big Reduction of Material Usage

Package Component for IC Card

Achieved Big Cost-down by Reviewing the Existing Product

For "T" Company
Package Component used to store and deliver the IC Card for Cell Phone Device.

In Existing Design, a portion is glued and insert the IC Card into space.
On the other hand, for New Design, eliminate the gluing process by simply changed the design to "Fold" type, and slide-in the IC Card.
More over, the total area of materials has gone down by 40%.

Product IC Card
Product Size 86X54X1
Weight Mass 5g
Drop Height 70Cm
Transport Condition Domestic

Picture Comparison
*Left:Existing Design, Right:New Design
Existing DesignNew Design
Existing Design
Weight Mass:9g
Usage m2:0.05m2
New Design
Weight Mass:6g
Usage m2:0.03m2

Achieving the Maximum Effect with the Minimum Reinforcement!

Design of Printing Machine Package

By adding the Reinforcing Pad, increasing the cushioning ability.

By inserting the Reinforcing Pad which protects 3 directions, comparing to the previous design, we have greatly increased the cushioning ability.
With these Reinforcement, even within the minimal distances between the product and cushion, we can make it possible to maintain and protect the Product Performance.

■Cushioning Ability of Reinforcing Pad

Product Printer Distance to the Cushion (mm)
Weight Mass 4kg Right Left Front Rear Base Top
Drop Height 82cm 15mm 15mm 27mm 27mm 12mm 25mm
Transport Condition Domestic