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Various Testing Equipment

Various Testing Equipment

In order to deliver the customers product safely, we must assume every possible situation.
We introduce various Testing Equipments to create such virtual situation.

Drop Test Machine

Use for "Free-fall" examination of the Package.
We can efficiently and precisely conduct our designing of Cushion, material selection, and determine the impact resistance of the packing contents.

We are assuming the following situation.

  • Fall during the loading
  • Malfunctioning of Product according to the assumed shock level.
  • Falling accident during the transportation.

Falling situation is limitless.

Vibration Testing Equipment

This equipment can test the effect on the product, cushion, and print of box by the vibration created during truck and/or air transportation.

We are assuming the following situation.

  • Friction of the Print due to the vibration created during the transportation.
  • Inspection of gap and degree of leaning of product.
  • Inspection of effect of cushion or the damage of product itself.
■General Specifications
Vibration Force Maximum Acceleration Maximum Velocity Maximum Displacement Mobile Mass
・Sine Wave   2.94kN
・Random Wave  1.47kN rms
367m/s2 1.0m/s 40mmp-p 8kg
Vibration Range Maximum Deployment Mass  
2~2000Hz 130kg
Size of Vertical Table 630x630 Size of Horizontal Table 630x630
(Important Notice)
・Vertical Supported Table (Mass: 32kg) at the time of use
Vibration Range:2~500Hz
Maximum Acceleration:73m/s2
・Horizontal Supported Table (Mass: 45kg) at the time of use
Vibration Range:2~2000Hz
Maximum Acceleration:55m/s2
Random Vibration Force were calculated based on the following data.
※ISO 5344 Rated Random Force Broad Band
Specification Single Usage Horizontal Table Usage
Maximum Displacement 40mmp-p 40mmp-p
Common Sample Mass 130kg 200kg
(Maximum Deployment Load) (200kg of Load)
Vibration Generatrix Mass 350kg 350kg
Safety Factor 0.9 0.9
Displacement Limit 22.6mmp-p 10.8mmp-p
Limit of the Maximum Acceleration
F:Sine Wave Vibration Force(N)
a:Maximum Acceleration (m/s2)
m:Mobile Mass(8kg)
M:Common Sample, Supported Table
  Total Mass of Vibration Jig (kg)

Humidistat Tub

In order for analysing the capability of holding water of Package and test its strength by creating the close situation of temperature and humidity during the transportation.

We are assuming the following situation.

  • Depending on the temperatureand humidity in the area where the products are transferred or manufactured, we can test the defects on adherent and affect in both Product and Package by expansion/shrinkage of Package.
  • Defect of the product with the expected shock level.
  • Falling accident during the transportation.
■General Specifications
Adjusted Temperature and Humidity Method: Variableness of Ability of Compressor, Suitable Cooling, Control Heating, Control Humidification
Range of Possible Operation Temperature:+5~+35℃
Range of Temperature and Humidity:-25~+100℃/20~98%RH
Temperature and Humidity Distribution:0.5℃/3.0%
Temperature Rising Time:-25~100℃ Within 35 minutes
Temperature Processing Time:+20~ー10℃ Within 25 minutes
Inner Dimension:600×500×850

Explosion Testing Equipment

This equipment can measure the strength of Packages against explosion.
The value calculated by this test can be used for choosing the right materials.

Abrasion Testing Equipment

This equipment can check the abrasion of the printing by rubbing the papers with constant strokes.